About Us Let us introduce ourselves.

Our Philosophy

Active children become active adults. Early introduction to physical fitness is very important to a child’s health and general development. Sunny Gymnastics’ professionally trained coaches guide children through fundamental fitness regimens at a pace and level suitable and adaptable for every child, regardless of ability. Our goal is to provide an atmosphere where every child feels accepted, valued and respected.

Benefits of Gymnastics

Enhancing neurological and cognitive development in children of all ages.

Improved fitness, strength, balance, coordination, agility, and flexibility (Improvements in these areas provide a foundation to learn any activity or sport with greater safety and success).


Our Mission

Sunny Gymnastics strives to provide high-quality gymnastics programming in a positive, safe and enjoyable environment as part of an overall mission to support children in their physical, mental and social development.


We use fun to get things done

Fun creates enjoyment, enjoyment invites participation, participation focuses attention, attention promotes insight, insight generates knowledge, knowledge facilitates action, and action yields results.

Our programs use fun games, contests and challenges on a daily basis to teach the sport of gymnastics and to keep every child engaged and happy.

The Training

All Sunny Gymnastics coaches are SAFETY CERTIFIED by the USA Gymnastics (the National Governing Body for the Sport in the United States)


Sunny Gymnastics where every child shines!

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About Us Let us introduce ourselves.
About Us Let us introduce ourselves.
About Us Let us introduce ourselves.
About Us Let us introduce ourselves.
About Us Let us introduce ourselves.